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Every year in Texas, an unreported number of vulnerable patients of every age—such as 1-year-old Tinslee Lewis of Fort Worth, 46-year-old Chris Dunn of Houston, and 61-year-old Carolyn Jones of Beaumont—are victims of the unethical, unconstitutional, and unprecedented Ten-Day Rule in the Texas Advance Directives Act (TADA). This rule authorizes a physician to withdraw or withhold basic life-sustaining medical treatment (like a ventilator) from a patient against the request of the patient’s advance directive, expressed medical decisions, or direction of the patient’s surrogate (Section 166.046, Texas Health and Safety Code).

Once the physician’s decision is reviewed and agreed upon by the hospital’s own ethics committee, the patient or surrogate is given only ten days to transfer to another facility or physician willing to honor this basic medical decision of the patient before the hospital can legally pull the plug. By providing complete civil, criminal, and administrative immunity, physicians and hospitals can commit involuntary euthanasia by removing basic life-sustaining treatment, inevitably speeding or causing the death of patients.

No other state has such an egregious law that violates the patient’s Right to Life by handing over such critical and personal medical decisions to a hospital’s ethics committee without even a safety mechanism for judicial review of the decision. In an amicus brief, Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton laid out why the current Texas law is unconstitutional. Like many other medical and legal scholars, Paxton concluded that “the Section 166.046 review process violates the Due Process Clause.”

More than 25 Republican Conventions across the State passed Resolutions calling for the Party to make repealing the Ten-Day Rule a Legislative Priority.

Plank 264 of the 2018 Republican Party of Texas Platform already supports Pro-Life legislation to repeal the unethical Ten-Day Rule. Please support adding this language to the Platform and Legislative Priority list:

Repeal the Anti-Life Ten-Day Rule: In order to guarantee Due Process and the Right to Life for Texas patients (like Tinslee Lewis, Carolyn Jones, and Chris Dunn), we call on the Texas Legislature to repeal the unethical, unconstitutional, unprecedented, and anti-Life Ten-Day Rule (Section 166.046, Health and Safety Code) which allows physicians to withdraw basic life-sustaining treatment (like a ventilator) from a patient with only ten days’ notice and replace the Ten-Day Rule with a truly Life-affirming law, similar to the current laws of eleven other states, that requires a patient’s or surrogate’s medical decision about basic life-sustaining treatment to be honored until the patient is transferred to another physician or facility that will honor this decision.

The 2018 Platform of the Republican Party of Texas asserts that “All innocent human life must be respected and safeguarded from fertilization to natural death” (Plank 324). The anti-Life Ten-Day Rule represents an attack on innocent human life that must be opposed by the Party of Life.

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Texas dropped
to the
Pro-Life state.¹

The Legislature failed to ban any abortions in 2019 or stop euthanasia under the 10-Day Rule. Texas should be #1!

1 Americans United for Life, Defending Life 2020: America’s Pro-Life Playbook (Washington: AUL, 2020), 200-204.

Why the fall?

Apathetic elected officials

Fake Pro-Life efforts

Corrupt leadership

We fight because Life is a gift from God.

Together with you, we saved over 496,903 lives since 1990!

Texas Right to Life has helped you overcome the barriers of politicians and fake Pro-Life groups to pass life-saving legislation.

Our battle plan

Texas Abolition Strategy

The Texas Abolition Strategy exists not only to immediately save lives but also to overturn Roe v. Wade and abolish abortion. We believe in taking prudent and bold steps to finally end the grave injustice of elective abortion in our state.

End the anti-Life 10-Day Rule

The Texas 10-Day Rule allows death panels to pull the plug on patients against their will for any reason. Families should not have to race a countdown and rigged system to save their loved ones.

Hold Republican elected leaders accountable to Pro-Life values

Texas can become a Pro-Life leader again. We must demand Republican officials prioritize and advance your Pro-Life values in the Texas Legislature.

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Pro-Life Resolutions

Support the Pro-Life Texas Abolition Strategy

The next Pro-Life legislative priority is passing the Texas Abolition Strategy.

The Texas Abolition Strategy combines three major Pro-Life policies into one sweeping bill to ultimately end elective abortion in Texas.

1. The Preborn NonDiscrimination Act (PreNDA): Abolish discriminatory and the remaining late-term abortions.
2. Heartbeat Bill: Abolish elective abortions after the preborn child’s heartbeat is detectable.
3. Abolition Bill: Abolish every remaining elective abortion in Texas.

Clear and dynamic leadership is needed to advance the Pro-Life movement in Texas. Now is the time to take prudent, yet bold steps to finally end the grave injustice of elective abortion in our state.

Repeal the Anti-Life Ten-Day Rule

Repealing the draconian 10-Day Rule applies our Pro-Life principles to protect vulnerable patients in Texas hospitals, such as Baby Tinslee Lewis, Carolyn Jones, and Chris Dunn.

We must reform current Texas law in order to protect sick, disabled, and elderly Texans by:

• Repealing the unethical, unprecedented, and unconstitutional process that allows hospitals to forcibly remove basic life-sustaining treatment from patients against their will; and
• Protecting patients’ right to receive basic care like a ventilator while a transfer to another physician or facility is secured.

Texas law must respect innocent human Life from fertilization until natural death, which includes protecting vulnerable patients from anti-Life ethics in Texas hospitals.

Hold Republican Leadership Accountable

Republican elected officials must be held accountable to uphold and advance the Party’s Pro-Life principles.
This resolution will strengthen RPT Rules to:

• Prohibit Republican Party leadership from providing any type of support to candidates who directly act in opposition to the Right to Life planks and principles of the platform; and
• Direct Republican Party leadership to publicly request that the Governor of Texas call a special session if no legislation that directly bans abortion is passed during the regular legislative session.

Republicans repeatedly declare the importance of Pro-Life values in our party platform and priorities. Republican Party leadership in Texas must also reflect this commitment to Pro-Life beliefs in action as well as word.

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